Resources for Turtles and Tortoises

All the information and links you need to learn about and care for your turtle or tortoise.


General Care Sheets

Ridgecrest Chapter Care Sheet [PDF] - Care sheet for desert tortoises created by the Ridgecrest Tortoise Club.

Desert Tortoise Facts [PDF] - Desert tortoise fact sheet created by the Ridgecrest Tortoise Club.

CTTC Care Sheet - The main CTTC care sheet for desert tortoises.

Don's Desert Tortoises - Care sheets and desert plant information.

Tortoise Group - Information on tortoise care, legal issues, and more.

World Chelonian Trust - Links to articles and information on tortoises and turtles.

Tortoise Trust - Includes basic care information on a variety of tortoises.

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum -Care and diet of the desert tortoise.


Food & Diet

TurtleStuff -  Purchase tortoise-friendly food (plants and seeds) here.

Desert Tortoise Mixture - Nursery store for plants for desert tortoises.


 Habitat & Housing

Tortoise Burrow Construction - youtube video of local club member building burrow

TurtleStuff - Includes photographs of enclosures

Asparagustus - An example of an artificial burrow



Animal Hospitals - Turtle and tortoise care information can be found under Reptiles.


 Turtle and Tortoise Club Information

California Turtle and Tortoise Club- The main site for all CTTC members.

Desert Tortoise Council- A group dedicated to the conservation of desert tortoises.

Desert Tortoise Preserve Committee- Seeks to promote welfare of desert tortoises


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